Photo From: New Yorker

With the Democratic Party lost in the postelection wilderness, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is aggressively reasserting himself, offering his vision for the path out as he takes on a leadership role in his caucus as the chair of outreach.

In a wide-ranging conversation Thursday with reporters, Sanders — who plans to continue to serve as an independent, not a Democrat — offered a preview for where his progressive wing wants to take the Democratic Party. He also had some choice words about President-elect Donald Trump, particularly when the conversation turned to his threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

“It would be almost beyond comprehension,” Sanders said at an event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “This is the United States of America. We do not prosecute our political opponents and try to throw them in jail. It would completely divide this country. It would be an outrage.”

The Sanders plan for a Democratic comeback, though, doesn’t involve battling every Trump initiative. His colleagues, he said, would be better served by picking their fights selectively. Trump co-opted the Democratic agenda with a populist pitch. Here’s where Sanders wants Democrats to go now.